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Exhaust Valve Installation's & Application

1. P21X-0.7W Hot Water Boiler Full Auto Audio Alarming Exhaust Valve must be installed to the upper joining box and the outlet pipe in the high temperature zone of the hot water boiler.

2. Heating Pipe Full Auto Exhaust Valve must be installed to the highest point of the heating system.

3. While installing, the valve body should be horizontal with pipeline; the angle of installation should be 90o±2o, the leading mouth of exhaust and the screw casing should connect with leading pipe, the other end must lay to the sewer place or connect to the sewer pipe.

4. While connecting pipeline, the leading pipe of the exhaust valve should keep in horizontal or downward, avoiding the water log spurting and hurting people.

5. Each hot water boiler should install 2 hot water boiler full auto audio alarming exhaust valve.

6. When Hot Water Boiler Full Auto Audio Alarming Exhaust Valve connecting to the boiler, the middle of the connection pipe should plus Globe valve, in order to give convenient to maintain and repair. Besides, the Globe valve should keep open during the boiler in operation.

7. When connecting the full auto exhaust valve of heating pipe with pipeline, the middle of connection pipe should add globe valve so as to repair, the globe valve should keep open when supplying heat.

8. Close the Globe valve when exhaust valve giving hydraulic pressure.

Geothermal Filter Valve's Installation & Application
1. The floor heating strainer valve is vertically installed to the branch pipe between the heating main pipe and the individual floor heating system. Stop valve must be installed to water inlet and water outlet.

2. This product must be installed to the used floor heating system which is washed.

3. Steps of cleaning: During heating, it is only needed to open the small switch valve to clean the impurities under pressure each month. If it is felt uneasy to clean the impurities, please firstly close the stop valves on ends of water inlet and water outlet; secondly, twist off the valve deck with spanner on the bottom end of floor heating strainer valve, to clean the dirt in valve chest; thirdly, screw up the valve deck, making the small switch valve closed; finally, open the stop valves of water inlet and water outlet. Then it can be used normally.


Application Temperature(°C

Working Pressure(MPa

  PP-R-G1"-S2.5(inner thread)





















  PP-R-Φ32-S2.5(hot melt)









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