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Xinquan Brand Exhaust Valve Infringe Patent Final Judgment
                                                                           See (2008) Hei Zhi Zhong Zi NO. 17
    Dalian City Mike Electromechanical Metals Station, Cheng ×lin and Harbin City Shijie Building Materials Store appealed to the Harbin City Intermediate Peoples Court because they didn’t accept the judgment that they produced and sold “Xinquan Brand” Exhaust Valve that infringed SunJunyi’s patent ( See [2007] Ha Zhi Chu Zi NO. 132) on May 19th, 2008.
    Heilongjiang Province Supreme Peoples Court rendered a judgment rejecting the appeal and affirming the original judgment where the ascertainment of facts in the original judgment was found to be clear and the application of law is found to be correct. Legal cost 14,600 yuan in the second trial was undertaken by Dalian City Mike Electromechanical Metals Station and Cheng ×lin together.
    The judgment was the final.