Chinese brand-name products in Jilin
The Advantages of Choosing“Zhongquan” Brand Exhaust Valve

“Zhongquan” Brand exhaust valve’s five advantages in our company as follows:
1. Filter screen on the valve seat:It really plays a filtering role. It can’t block exhaust vent whether inside impurity or outside impurity. Now, similar products put the filter screen at the inlet opening. Because the area of inlet opening is small(Inside Diameter is about 15-20mm ),water quality in heating system is poor, impurity will block filter screen quickly. The impurity of inlet opening, backwater and inside shell can’t come out, exhaust valve will be out of order.
   Our products put the filter screen on the valve seat, they will not block inlet opening.
2. Ball float:It is a full sphere that made of macromolecule material. It never enter into water forever, isn’t out of shape and rot.
3. Umbellate Joint:It has adhesion proof function. It makes the point contact between ball bloat and shell come true. It can’t leak because of adhesion between ball bloat and shell.
4. Quick pipe joint:it installs convenient. It doesn’t need to whirl valve body,  save strength, materials and installation cost. Every exhaust valve saves installation cost about 30 yuan compared to similar products.
5. Sealing cushion of exhaust valve slip plug:It is mushroom type, it is big inside and small outside. When it exhausts gas, it doesn’t take out of cushion easily. If not, it can lead to leak when seal again and bring a loss to users.
   Patent product, it must be claimed in case of copy. We suggest customers not to buy fake exhaust valves, they will infringe patent products.