Chinese brand-name products in Jilin
History of Establishing Zhongquan Industrial
Congratulations on the 28th Anniversary of the Founding of Zhongquan Industrial Corporation!
The enterprise was established in 1985.
Zhongquan Industrial Corporation established boiler furring treatment station. And it engaged in boiler cleaning from 1985 to 1989.
The first “Zhongquan” brand hot boiler auto exhaust valve was developed in 1990. It fulfilled domestic industry blank and solved technological hard problem that hot boiler gas steaming accident caused. It was technologically assessed and approved by Premier Ministry of Labor Boiler Pressure Container Measurement Center.
The first “Zhongquan” brand horizontal auto exhaust valve for heating pipe was developed in 1991. It fulfilled domestic industry blank again and became a qualified standard pioneer among domestic exhaust valve at that time. It could make civilians approve indeed and use at ease. The product solved civilians’ problem for heating cycling and brought warmth in winter to people.
Ministry of Labor Boiler Bureau issued documents and popularized hot boiler auto exhaust compulsively. Hot boiler auto exhaust valve has been opened up a market in the support of Ministry of Labor Boiler Bureau from 1992 to 1994. Then each province began to transmit documents one after another.
Our company developed the first vertical small size auto exhaust valve in 2003. It solved a problem that exhaust valve space installation was limited, and the product research walked to a skillful size.
Our company researched aluminum alloy eight edges auto exhaust valve again, and solved exhaust valve’s shell rot problem during application process in 2005.
Zhongquan Company started researching copper auto exhaust valve in 2006. It has succeeded to try out till 2010 and broke the precedent that high quality copper exhaust valve without producing in China.
Our company has developed from many aspects and explored new items from 2010 until now. Our company has succeeded in researching geothermal filter valve and handicraft decorated board one after another.
Our company researches the smallest auto exhaust valve all over the world indeed, with leading technology, the spring pushed on sealing in 2012.
Registered trademark “Zhongquan” brand has been awarded as a famous trademark for years by Jilin Province Technology Supervision Bureau in Jilin Province in 1991.